Our Councils

UKRI brings together the seven Research Councils, Innovate UK and a new organisation, Research England.

  • Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), funds world-class, independent researchers in numerous subjects. Their research benefits society and culture, as well as the UK economy and societies around the globe.
  • Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), invests in world-class bioscience research and training. Its aim is to support society to meet significant challenge in areas such as food security, green energy and healthier, longer lives. Their research also underpins key UK economic sectors, such as food, farming, industrial biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.
  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), is the UK’s largest funder of research on social and economic challenges, the ESRC works to shape public policy and helps make the economy more competitive, as well as offering a better understanding of society today.
  • Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), is the main funding agency for engineering and physical sciences research. Their portfolio covers a range of fields from mathematics to manufacturing, healthcare technologies to structural engineering, and chemistry to advanced materials.
  • Innovate UK, works with people, companies and partner organisations to find and drive the science and technology innovations that will grow the UK economy. They drive growth by working with companies to de-risk, enable and support innovation.
  • Medical Research Council (MRC), scientists tackle some of the greatest health problems facing humanity in the 21st century, from chronic diseases associated with ageing to the threats posed by rapidly mutating micro-organisms.
  • Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), leads research, skills and infrastructure to help solve major issues and bring benefits to the UK, such as affordable clean energy, air pollution and resilience of our infrastructure.
  • Research England, is a new council within UKRI. Taking forward the England-only responsibilities of HEFCE in relation to research and knowledge exchange, Research England will create and sustain the conditions for a healthy and dynamic research and knowledge exchange system in English universities.
  • Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), is a world-leading multi-disciplinary science organisation. Their research seeks to understand the Universe from the largest astronomical scales to the tiniest constituents of matter, yet creates impact on a very tangible, human scale.